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Bosch 1550cc top feed injector

Bosch 1550cc top feed injector

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Genuine Bosch 1550cc fuel injector

A great solution for those looking for an unmodified injector that flows over 1000cc per minute.

-1584cc/min at 3 bar (43.5psi), up to 2,236cc/min at 6 bar
-flow matched within 1% across a set of injectors
-high impedance (high resistance) so no need to add ballast resistors on some ECUs - remember to remove the ballast resistor if you have been running low resistance injectors
-excellent injector dynamics make this injector incredibly easy to tune
-modern design with linear flow rates
-full stainless steel internals.

-includes matching electrical connector
DO NOT get this injector confused with the Bosch 0280 158 827 full-length injector. They are not the same. The full-length 827 is a CNG injector and the fuel flow varies dramatically with fuel temperature, making it unsuitable for use with petrol and ethanol.

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