Diesel Tuning & Remapping

It's no secret that most late model turbo diesel vehicles are tuned rather conservatively from the factory. In most cases the engine is capable of producing far more power and torque than what the stock ECU mapping allows it to. We have the solution to this with our ECU remap / dyno tune service.

Often a 20% power and torque increase is achievable from a simple ECU remap with no other modifications to the vehicle, and substantially more on some models. This is especially useful on vehicles used for trade or recreational purposes, where towing heavy trailers / caravans / boats is a regular occurrence. Many customers report a gain in fuel economy too.

We also offer solutions for the following:

  • DPF faults
  • EGR faults
  • Cat converter faults
  • Adblue/SCR faults
  • NOX sensor faults
  • Generic DTC faults
  • Swirl flap faults and many more.
  • This applies to light commercial vehicles also

For those not local to us, we have a dealer network around New Zealand who can flash one of our dyno developed ecu files into your vehicle.

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